The Coaching Clinic

The Coaching Clinic

Business Challenge

Companies today are increasingly competing on the basis of knowledge capital—the skills, expertise and
capabilities of their employees. In order to attract and retain people with the talent required to achieve
critical business results, managers must make a significant investment in their ‘talent portfolios’. Coaching
is a primary means of making this investment in employees and building knowledge capital—thereby
enhancing both individual and organisational capacity.

The Coaching Clinic

The Coaching Clinic teaches managers to make intentional investments in their talent portfolios through
focused coaching and development activities. Enhancing and building on proven coaching techniques, The
Coaching Clinic provides managers with an expanded set of practices and skills to help employees learn
and develop capabilities that will contribute to individual and organisational success.

Key Content

Key content of The Coaching Clinic includes:

  • Building Learning into Everyday Work: Tools and guidelines for creating a learning environment in the
    workplace. Managers learn tactics for expanding their teaching role and adapting to individual learning
  • Being a Thinking Partner: Strategies that enable managers to build their employees’ problem-solving
    skills and guidelines to help managers develop self-reliance and increased capability in their people.
  • Providing Feedback to Build Capability: An approach to delivering effective feedback that is
    designed to improve employee performance. Specific techniques focus on the power of reinforcing
    feedback as a way to improve performance and on the use of developmental feedback to change
    behaviour. The developmental feedback model provides elements of a feedback conversation that
    managers can use to customise their approach, based on the situation.
  • Practice Sessions: Several focused skill-practice exercises to enable managers to build their coaching
    skill and effectiveness.

Target Audience

The Coaching Clinic provides foundation skills for managers and professionals responsible for coaching
direct reports.


As a result of participating in The Coaching Clinic, participants will be able to:

  • Create workplace environments that encourage and enable continuous learning
  • Be better thinking partners by helping employees think through problems
  • Share information and feedback with employees that reinforce capability and enhance performance

The Coaching Clinic typically includes 7 hours of classroom learning, as well as tools for on-the-job
reinforcement. It may be customised to drive specific business issues.

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