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Territory Selling Strategies

Business Challenge

Today’s territory salespeople confront a paradoxical situation that is fundamentally changing the way they manage their territories. Unlike major account salespeople, who focus on a single or a few accounts, territory salespeople must call on multiple accounts, often dispersed throughout a large geographic area. Yet customers increasingly expect them to display the kind of customer knowledge, focus, and commitment that major account salespeople routinely bring to their handful of accounts. How can territory salespeople—some of whom are assigned a large number of accounts—meet the rising expectations of their customers?

Territory Selling Strategies

Territory Selling Strategies (TSS) teaches territory salespeople how to optimise their non-customer-facing activities: the planning and strategising they do “behind the scenes” in order to manage their territory, opportunities in their sales funnel, and accounts. In TSS, optimisation means not only doing activities as effectively and efficiently as possible, but also doing the right activities to begin with—where “right” is defined as activities that drive high-priority job objectives. TSS provides salespeople with strategies and tools so that they become more intentional and analytical about their work—and achieve better results in their territory.

Key Content

Territory Selling Strategies features the following concepts and tools:

  • The Territory Optimisation (TOp) Model: A disciplined, focused method for visualising and approaching the sales job—from territory management, to prospecting, to funnel/pipeline management, to account management
  • Time Investment Analysis: A tool that helps salespeople analyse how they are spending their time and determine which activities will help them achieve their objectives and yield the highest return
  • Top-Ten Accounts Prioritisation Matrix: A method of prioritising a salesperson’s top-ten accounts and assessing how close to or far from the “perfect account” each account is; includes guidelines for interpreting the results
  • Qualifying Checklist: An aid in pre-qualifying and qualifying opportunities and provides clear criteria for whether or not to pursue an opportunity and where it should be placed in the sales funnel
  • Opportunity Plan: A consolidated plan for working an opportunity strategically—including a competitive analysis, analysis of the buying team’s roles and attitudes, ways to facilitate the buying process, and an assessment of account relationships
  • Sales Funnel Research: Key insights from Forum’s research with 73 salespeople and 138 customers on best practices for managing a sales funnel or pipeline
  • The Customer’s Buying Process and the Sales Funnel: A method for mapping a customer’s buying process and ensuring the salesperson’s selling process is in sync, plus an approach to increasing the quality, quantity, and speed of opportunities in the sales funnel
  • Clues to Buyer Motivation: A tool that teaches how to build relationships with key buyers by selecting actions to take and avoid in light of their motivational profiles
  • Tool Kit: A map of the tools included in the programme; its unique format allows participants to easily identify the best tool to use for a specific sales situation or issue
  • A key take-away is the TSS Electronic Reference Guide and Tool Kit, which allows participants to work with the programme’s tools online and review course concepts quickly and easily.

Target Audience

Territory Selling Strategies is designed for salespeople who manage large territories or account portfolios—typically 20 to 100 accounts.


By participating in the Territory Selling Strategies programme, salespeople will be able to:

  • Optimise their time and effort by focusing on tasks that drive their job objectives
  • Identify and prioritise their most productive accounts
  • Qualify opportunities so that they pursue only those they have a good chance of winning
  • Focus effectively on the customer’s buying process
  • Build long-term relationships in high-priority accounts
  • Respond appropriately to customers’ motivational needs

Territory Selling Strategies is a research-based, 2-day classroom learning experience that can be combined with post-session reinforcement and support tools. It can also be combined with other Forum sales and account management content.