Sumit Seth

Founding Team member,MD

Sumit Seth
Director, Pune

Sumit has had a very successful corporate career and moved up ranks to being the Country Head Sales for a major automobile brand. During this journey he has been a passionate developer of people through hands on management, training and coaching.Sumit also gained invaluable insights through his education by way of an MBA, Masters in Economics, Masters in Psychology, Masters in Psychotherapy and specialist Management Development programs.

His passion for the development and transformation of people led him to Forum India where he has been engaging with some of the major financial services, telecommunications, information technology, business process outsourcing, consumer goods, automotive, manufacturing and retail organizations in the Indian subcontinent.

He is a high energy and engaging facilitator who is able to challenge participants’ paradigms and develop new ways of thinking and behaving. His clients consistently rate his facilitation and workshops as the best they have ever experienced. He brings his experience, insights and above all the mission of transforming salespeople, business professionals and leaders to enable them to deliver high business results to the clients of Forum.

  • Pune