Ipsita Banerjee

Manager Operations & Communication

Ipsita has joined the Forum team recently as a Human Resource and Communications Manager for both Indian and Global engagements for Forum. She takes responsibility for managing all aspects of solutions, from assessments to surveys, from designing the
program to consulting the consultants to implementation and delivery. Ipsita has completed her post-graduation from MIT School of Business in Human Resource Management and henceforth started her career with Tata Institute of Social Sciences’ training partner (Earnest HR) in Pune as Assistant Manager- HR. As her first job, she tried her hands on everything that came her way- Core Recruitment, Payroll and
Welfare & administration as well and soon realized her liking towards Instructional design, training need analysis and delivery.
After working for more than 2 years in her first job, Ipsita moved to Montreal Canada and joined FMA Summits as Senior Manager- T&D. This paved her journey from a trainee to a trainer and a coach. After initial days of learning and implementation, Ipsita
started training her team on Customer experience and Sales. Ipsita is very happy to join Forum India as it fits in complete sync of what she enjoys doing. She is working everyday towards making herself become a better Coach and Trainer. She is known for her proactive nature and been meticulous. She brings a very strong quality focus to work being completed. In her free time, she enjoys travelling,
listening music, watching movies and reading books. Apart from English, Hindi, Bengali, she has learned French from the Government of Quebec in Montreal.