Targeting Your Time

Business Challenge

Time is a critical factor in business today. The context of work is increasingly dynamic—one in which competing priorities, growing complexity and ambiguity, flatter organisations, lateral communications flow, and technology all converge to place growing pressure on people to work longer hours with increasing levels of fatigue in order to generate results. Yet, despite all this pressure on results, it is often difficult to find the time to get the right things done. By approaching time management as an investment in being effective rather than in being efficient, one can be more assured of generating business results. Here, time is the capital strategically invested in activities with the most potential for return. From this perspective, maximising one’s time investment requires identifying critical goals and objectives and maintaining focus on those activities that achieve them.

Targeting Your Time

Targeting Your Time teaches managers, team leaders, and employees the critical skills to manage their time to achieve critical goals and objectives. It provides tools and strategies to help participants ensure that they invest their time effectively in activities that generate results

Key Content

Key content of Targeting Your Time includes:

  • Time Investment Strategies: Critical strategies—focus and energy—that improve one’s ability to effectively generate business results.
  • The Time Investment Analysis Tool: A tool that identifies how one currently invests time—the activities and objectives that get the most focus.
  • Opportunity Identification: Guidelines for identifying opportunities to improve how time is invested in objectives by making strategic adjustments to activities.
  • Five Core Energising Strategies: Strategies to improve one’s ability to stay focused and get the right things done.
  • Time Investment Plan: A framework for creating a time investment plan to maximise activities that are focused on goals and objectives.
  • Gaining Support: Practices for gaining support for the time investment plan from people who influence its success.

Target Audience

Targeting Your Time is ideal for frontline and mid-level leaders, team leaders, and employees who are responsible for achieving business objectives.


By participating in Targeting Your Time, managers, team leaders, and employees will be able to: 

  • Assess the impact of regular activities on results, and prioritise those that most effectively generate results
  • Create a time investment plan and implementation strategy
  • Continually assess and reallocate time/activities in accordance with current conditions (for example, changes in strategy, need for different results, and so on)
  • Identify specific tactics to increase focus and energy
  • Carry out a conversation with a manager or key stakeholder about time investment issues

Targeting Your Time typically includes 4.5 hours of classroom learning, with tools for on-the-job skill application and reinforcement.

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