Talking Results with Customers

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Talking Results with Customers

Business Challenge

When buying decisions are made or influenced by senior-level customers, salespeople must understand the executive perspective and shape their sales efforts accordingly. In particular, selling to senior-level customers requires an enhanced focus on their customers’ key business results.

Talking Results with Customers

Talking Results with Customers shows salespeople how their products and services can affect customers’ key performance results. It provides analysis tools to identify appropriate metrics and create a compelling business case for the solution.

Key Content

Key content of Talking Results with Customers includes:

  • Sample business metrics—general organisational and by industry
  • A method for analysing all the drivers of a high-level business metric and determining how your solutions can have an impact on that metric
  • A problem/solution analysis tool to help determine exactly how you can contribute to moving the selected metric in a positive direction
  • A worksheet to develop talking notes for discussing business results with customers

Target Audience

Talking Results with Customers is ideal for business development professionals who need to create a compelling business case for their proposed solution and discuss business results with the customer.


By participating in Talking Results with Customers, participants will be able to:

  • Increase sales in competitive situations by making a compelling business case for their proposed solution
  • Expand sales opportunities in target accounts by credibly discussing business results with senior-level customers

Talking Results with Customers typically includes 4 hours of classroom learning, with tools for on-the-job skill application and reinforcement.