Talking Business Strategy with Customers

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Talking Business Strategy with Customers

Business Challenge

Selling, especially at higher levels, is no longer a matter of pushing features and benefits. Customers expect solutions that support or drive their central business strategies. Demonstrating an understanding of business strategy is essential for optimal sales performance.

Talking Business Strategy with Customers

Talking Business Strategy with Customers is a 1-day classroom-based programme that gives salespeople the background knowledge they need to discuss business results with customers. This course provides a business strategy model with numerous customer examples, business development tools, and practical guidance to link each element to strategy.

Key Content

Key content of Talking Business Strategy with Customers includes:

  • Fundamentals of strategy, presented by how they relate to business development opportunities
  • Five key elements of strategy, with real-company examples and proven questions to ask about each element
  • Strategy Worksheet and job aids to apply each element of strategy to target accounts

Target Audience

Talking Business Strategy with Customers is intended for business development professionals who need to improve sales results by improving business acumen and credibility in discussions with senior-level customers.


By participating in Talking Business Strategy with Customers, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the basics of business strategy and the benefits of understanding it
  • Use a model and a tool to link products, services, or capabilities to a customer’s high-level business strategies
  • Discuss aspects of business strategy and competitive advantage credibly with senior-level customers
  • Ask customers questions that yield valuable information about their business strategies
  • Position their offerings as contributors to, or enhancers of, their customers’ most important business strategies