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Business Challenge

Miscommunication is endemic in organisations. The health-care industry routinely examines the errors that lead to “adverse events” and has found that failure to communicate is the primary root cause of those adverse incidents. In all organisations, people often fail to accurately exchange information and to effectively surface great ideas. This often leads to relationship, communication, and decision-making failures. Much of our day-to-day communication happens in conversations with others. Opportunities exist to dramatically improve our understanding of one another’s messages, as well as to create more ideas and commitment to an agreed-upon approach. Skilful Conversations is designed to help leaders succeed in their relationships and performance by practicing a few key skills in their daily conversations. 

Skilful Conversations 

Skilful Conversations helps leaders to communicate authentically, with accuracy and full intent, and to get the most from every conversation. 

Key Content

Skilful Conversations focuses on three areas: 

  • Checking Assumptions: Examining how assumptions can derail communication and how to reduce the number of assumptions made during a conversation 
  • Matching Words with Intent: Understanding each other’s intentions, and using the right words to express them 
  • Balancing Inquiry and Advocacy: Increasing awareness of how to bring out others’ ideas and to advocate in a way that invites others to understand the reasoning behind an idea 

Throughout the session, participants diagnose and plan ways to improve their ongoing conversations.

Target Audience

The audience for Skilful Conversations is mid-level and senior leaders. 


As a result of participating in Skilful Conversations, leaders will be able to: 

  • Build clarity and accuracy when communicating 
  • Test the assumptions that underlie their communications 
  • Use high-gain questions to enhance the skilfulness of their conversations 
  • Identify their own strengths and areas for further development in skilful conversations 

Skilful Conversations is a 4-hour classroom programme.

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