Boost Sales Performance

We examine clients’ sales strategy, climate, skills, and processes, and recommend improvements. Our corporate sales training solutions, which include coaching at senior levels, engage and develop the entire sales organization to achieve.

The world’s top sales organizations turn to Forum to stay ahead of their competition.

27 of Fortune 100 sales organizations have trusted Forum to help them:

  • Drive profits in commoditized markets
  • Sell value over price
  • Accelerate revenue through faster sales cycles and higher deal sizes
  • Develop strategic accounts

We help align your sales organization to your strategy, and equip your salespeople & their leaders with skills to execute against it.

Sales is the link between business strategy and your customer. However, 50% of sales forces are not aligned with strategy. What if you could align your sales force with your sales strategy? Equip your sales teams with the right skills? Sustain their ability to drive results?

Organizations come to Forum to do just that. And they win more business. A 2010 study by the Aberdeen Group revealed that Forum clients have:

  • Faster sales cycles
  • Higher average deal size
  • Higher annual revenue
  • Higher sales team attainment of quota.

Our Learning Content

Our library of learning content will help your salesperson’s find, win, and keep customers. Modularized to enable customization, the content can be delivered in several modalities, including classroom, virtual instructor-led training (vILT), and executive coaching.

From opportunity and account management to strategic account manage-ment, our learning modules will equip your salespeople to succeed across the full spectrum of the customer buying process and customer needs.

As a client, you will be able to draw upon our content library to develop the sales skills required to carry out your strategic goals.

Our Solutions

The value of our learning solutions is primarily built on two things:

  • The way we work with you:
    Results: Each solution delivers, measures, and sustains impact to your specific business drivers.
    Speed: Our 40+ years’ experience enables us to rapidly assess your business challenges and implement the right learning solution.
  • Scale: Across 14 locations, worldwide, we find and staff best-in class facilitators who have real industry sales and sales leadership experience. This provides you with skillful, seamless, and simultaneous deliveries.
  • Execution: Strong project teams will understand your goals and help you reach them.
  • Integrity: We challenge appropriately, and we follow through without exception.

Consultative Skills

The dynamics of today’s marketplace demand salespeople who see the world from their customers’ point of view.

Planning for Premier Accounts

Planning for Premier Accounts is a core module in Forum’s SAM curriculum. It teaches a complete, disciplined for both account & opportunity planning.

Coaching Clinic for Sales Managers

The ‘Coaching clinic’ teaches sales managers to make intentional investments in their salespeople through focused coaching and development activities.

Conducting Conversations at the senior level

‘Conducting conversation at senior level’ builds confidence and competence to achieve more in-depth, engaging and productive conversation.

Dynamic Selling

‘Dynamic Selling’ provides experienced sales people with tools to develop effective account management strategies and plans.

Managing Consultative Skills

‘Managing Consultative Skills’ is to improve the skills sales managers, to support and ensure continuous application of skills learned by their sales people.

Point of View Selling

This is research-based program that introduces a set of advanced selling skills that enable salespeople more effectively to engage senior level decision makers.

Talking Business Strategy with Customers

‘Talking Business Strategy’ is a 1-day classroom-based program that gives sales people the background to discuss business results with customers.

Territory Selling Strategies

‘Territory Selling Strategies’ (TSS) teaches territory sales people how to optimize their non-customer-facing activities, opportunities in sales funnel and accounts.

Planning for Key Accounts

Planning for Key Accounts is a core workshop in Forum’s SAM curriculum. It teaches complete and disciplined process for account planning.

Presenting with Impact

Presenting with Impact brings a best-practice approach to all stages of the presentation process.       

Coaching in Context

‘Coaching in context’ is a series of modules that teach sales-specific coaching skills.                                                                                                

Developing a Sales force strategy

‘Developing a sales force strategy’ introduces the key success factors involved in creating a sales force and communicating it to sales people.

Leading an effective sale force

‘Leading an effective sale force’ provides experienced sales managers with techniques and tools for getting better results from their sales people.

Masterful Presentations

‘Masterful Presentations’ course helps presenters hone their skills and techniques to influence and engage their audiences.

Sales Skills Assessments

‘Sales Skills Assessments’ is research-based measurement tools used to make decision and take actions that improve the skills and performance of salespeople.

Talking Results with Customers

‘Talking Results with Customers’ shows sales people how their products and services can affect customers’ key performance results.