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Sales Skills Assessment

Business Challenge

In today’s business environment, the sales organisation is critical to a company’s ability to find, win and keep customers. Customer satisfaction and retention depend on salespeople’s ability to assess and upgrade their skills continuously.

Sales Skills Assessment

The Sales Skills Assessment is a research-based measurement tool used to make decisions and take actions that improve the skills and performance of salespeople.

The system includes:

  • Web-based 360° survey feedback on research-based sales competencies
  • Individual and group Feedback Reports that pinpoint strengths and gaps
  • Development planning process linking job performance goals to customised action plans supported by specific tactics for improvement
  • Optional classroom session to help participants interpret feedback and create development plans

Key Content

The Sales Skills Assessment measures 40 research-based sales skills in nine key competency areas and two results areas that differentiate high performers. In addition to fundamental sales and account-planning skills, the survey covers teamwork, relationship building and business-acumen skills. The Sales Skills Assessment measures both the importance of each skill and the salesperson’s ability to apply it. This input is collected from four rater groups: self, customers, sales managers and co-workers.


The Sales Skills Assessment has an impact on both the individual and the sales organisation. It helps individuals:

  • Create a sharp focus on the specific areas for improvement needed to achieve greater success
  • Improve performance by building customised development plans supported by coaching tactics

The Sales Skills Assessment helps organisations:

  • Reach agreement on the competencies salespeople require to achieve short- and long-term strategic objectives
  • Increase speed and flexibility by shaping a culture based on feedback, learning and performance improvement

The Research

The Sales Skills Assessment is based on Forum’s sales competency research into the factors that distinguish top-performing salespeople; it is supported by 20 years of experience in helping major corporations improve the effectiveness of their sales organisations.