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Presenting with Impact

Business Challenge

Effective presentations are vital in today’s workplace: superior presentations provide value-added information
and insight, and engage the audience in ways that lead to desired results.

Presenting with Impact

Presenting with Impact brings a best-practice approach to all stages of the presentation process. It helps
individuals and teams prepare and deliver successful presentations that engage the audience and yield positive
business results.

Key Content

The following are content highlights of Presenting with Impact:

  • Examination of communication skills that are critical to effective connection with the audience
  • A five-step process to plan and deliver effective presentations
  • Individual practice of key presentation skills and supporting presentation tools
  • Tips and practice for engaging the audience and managing question-and-answer sessions
  • Videotaped feedback of practice presentation sessions (optional)

Target Audience

Presenting with Impact is for professionals who are new to delivering presentations and need to develop face-toface presentation skills. The ideal class size for this programme is 8 to 12 participants.


By participating in Presenting with Impact, participants will be able to:

  • Use a structured approach for presentation preparation and delivery
  • Conduct question-and-answer sessions with confidence
  • Handle challenging presentation situations
  • Use techniques for conducting effective presentations as part of a team
  • Apply best practices at all stages of the presentation process

Presenting with Impact is a 2-day classroom-based workshop with skill practice sessions and individual feedback

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