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Point of View Selling

Business Challenge

Salespeople and sales organisations around the world face increasing pressure to achieve their company’s growth goals. Business leaders are asking their sales teams to sell larger, more profitable deals—and to sell them more productively. Experienced, successful salespeople in particular are expected to lead the way in growing sales results.
At the same time salespeople are facing customers who are increasingly savvy in their buying decisions, seeking higher, more reliable returns on their invested cash and energy while avoiding risks to their business. Markets are growing more volatile, complex, and uncertain. Competitors in every sector are growing more numerous and more capable. All these factors create pressure on salespeople to differentiate themselves, add more value and reduce risks for customers, and sustain the pace of their selling cycles.

Point of View Selling

This research-based programme introduces a set of advanced selling skills that enable salespeople more effectively to engage senior-level decision makers and mobilise them to buy. Executives usually first determine the significance of an opportunity or risk to their business (relative to everything else on their radar), and then investigate possible solutions and potential suppliers of solutions. Salespeople who wish to engage senior-level buyers must therefore focus first on bringing insights and compelling ideas to the table – that is, a well constructed and confidently delivered point of view on how to improve business performance. The salesperson who initiates a conversation to educate a decision-maker about important business issues is better able to guide that decision-makers thinking and establish a strong position to win profitable deals.

Key Content

Point of View Selling develops skill in three areas:

  • Develop a Point of View asks salespeople to call on their knowledge of the client’s business and industry, their organisation’s capabilities, and their own ideas and experiences in order to generate insight for a customer about how to capture new business value. Skills taught include suspending solution thinking and linking to business value.
  • Provoke Interest teaches a high-impact engagement strategy in which the salesperson initiates an educational conversation with the customer, provokes new thinking, and guides the conversation. Skills taught include telling an impact story and advancing a point of view.
  • Catalyze Decisions addresses the underlying reasons why so many customers fail to make a decision on supplier proposals they have requested, or opt for the lowest-price proposal. High-value but complex solutions often require decisions about elements customers may not understand well. The successful salesperson guides the customer to develop a framework for the decision before the salesperson presents a detailed proposal. A jointly created framework helps salesperson and buyer move the decision forward, together. Skills taught include engaging the right stakeholders, generating viable alternatives, and framing the decision.

Throughout this highly interactive programme participants are challenged to expand their thinking and repertoire of skills. Participants work in groups and individually to generate and practice delivering high-value points of view and to share advice with one another. They leave the programme with a plan to apply one or more fresh ideas with their own customers.

Target Audience

The audience for Point of View Selling is experienced sales professionals who sell complex products and services to business buyers. These salespeople may be managing existing key account relationships, seeking to penetrate new client buying centres, or attempting to open new accounts. They should bring a mastery of the basics of consultative selling, a strong knowledge of their company’s products and services, and a clear understanding of their customers’ business and markets. This programme is not suitable for those who are new to selling or those who only call on highly transactional buyers.


By participating in this programme, salespeople will be able to:

  • Identify opportunities to apply point of view selling in their portfolios
  • Generate a novel point of view or idea that could have a significant impact on one or more of a customer’s key business drivers
  • Proactively engage customers in a compelling conversation about the point of view
  • Guide senior-level buyers’ thinking to consider the value to their business of the idea
  • Mobilise senior-level buyers to decide and act on the idea

Point of View Selling is a 2-day classroom programme.

We recommend sales managers complete the companion module, Coaching in Context: Point of View Selling, to equip them with tools and a process to support their salespeople in applying the skills and methods of Point of View Selling.