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Planning for Key Accounts

Strategic Account Management: A system for jointly creating business opportunities and managing resources with a client organisation, so that client and supplier become part of a seamlessly integrated supply chain and achieve mutual results

Business Challenge

Over the past decade, large companies have cut their supplier base by half. Many companies want to
establish alliances with a few core suppliers—fully integrating those suppliers into their own value
proposition. Suppliers, in turn, are investing more of their resources in a few top accounts and developing
strategic account management (SAM) programmes in order to grow those accounts. These companies are
finding that the keys to SAM success include effective training for strategic account managers and teams,
the elimination of organisational barriers and a focus on long-term goals.

Planning for Premier Accounts

Planning for Premier Accounts is a core module in Forum’s SAM curriculum. It teaches a complete,
disciplined process for both account and opportunity planning. Premier account teams use the process to
improve mutual business results with their client, forge a stronger partnership with the client organisation
and build their capabilities as a team. The process focuses not on data collection but rather on innovation,
team alignment and client involvement in joint planning.

Target Audience

Planning for Premier Accounts is for account teams dedicated to top-tier, enterprise accounts and
consisting of sales and nonsales professionals. (Typically, the premier account manager is responsible for
just one account.)


As a result of participating in Planning for Premier Accounts, account teams

  • Develop a clear, innovative plan for maximising business with a premier account
  • Build and maintain commitment to the plan from the client organisation and internally
  • Learn and apply a reliable, repeatable planning process
  • Improve account-team alignment and productivity

Delivery Options

  • Classroom: 3 days.
  • Integration with Account Planning Technology: Forum can provide participants with electronic
    copies of all account planning tools covered in the session. In addition, we can work with you to
    integrate the tools, forms and terminology into your Sales Force Automation (SFA) or Customer
    Relationship Management (CRM) system, as required.
  • Performance Coaching: Performance coaching is highly recommended to support the premieraccount planning process on the job, reinforce skills and ensure results. Forum provides experienced, certified coaches who work with strategic account managers or teams, both face to face and virtually.
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