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Masterful Presentations

Business Challenge

The ability to deliver presentations in a variety of settings is a basic business skill. But the ability to deliver a message in a compelling way is a differentiator for individuals and the organisations they represent, as this requires a masterful ability to engage audiences, both large and small. Masterful Presentations is designed to help individuals transform their presentations by focusing on delivering compelling and engaging messages.

Masterful Presentations

Masterful Presentations helps presenters hone their skills and techniques to influence and engage their audiences:

  • Crafting: Design and forward thinking required to prepare for a presentation
  • Connecting: Using presence and compelling stories to establish connection and engagement with the audience
  • Enhancing: Mastery of both the interpersonal skills and technical skills of presenting
  • Adapting: Adjusting to the situation at hand and responding to challenging situations

Key Content

The following are content highlights of Masterful Presentations:

  • A presentation planning tool that can be used to adapt presentation approaches to different audience needs
  • Establishing audience connection by using stories to engage audiences and increase impact
  • Technical tips for mastering presentation media
  • Thinking on one’s feet and handling challenging situations
  • Practice and feedback sessions

Target Audience

Masterful Presentations is for professionals at all levels who are already experienced presenters but who would benefit from practising and receiving feedback on how they plan for and conduct presentations with both small and large groups. Note that the ideal class size for this programme is 8 to 12 participants.


Participants in Masterful Presentations will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the skills, behaviours, and judgment of high-performing presenters
  • Present a compelling message with confidence in a variety of situations
  • Adapt in the moment to handle common presentation and group process dynamics

Masterful Presentations is a 1-day classroom-based programme with optional videotaped skill practice
sessions and individual feedback sessions.