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Managing Service Excellence

Business Challenge

An organisation’s ability to build customer loyalty significantly impacts its top and bottom line, making excellent customer service a requirement for sustained growth. Yet today’s service environment is more complicated than ever—with sophisticated products and services, demanding customers, complex technology, costly turnover issues, and the need to keep employees productive in what is often a stressful environment. These challenges increasingly fall on the shoulders of customer service managers, who need to capitalise on the

Consultative Skills: For Customer-Driven Sales Conversations™

Consultative Skills: For Customer-Driven Sales Conversations™ develops critical attitudes, skills and
practices for interacting with customers. The programme is based on research on the best practices that
distinguish high-performing salespeople. Proven techniques help participants intentionally shape their
approach and actions to the customer’s values and buying process.

Key Content

Key content of Consultative Skills includes:

  • Driving principles that high performers use to ensure a successful selling process
  • A model of the sales process as seen from the buyer’s point of view, which is linked with key skills at
    each stage
  • Critical, practical skills and tools to open the sales call, advance the sales conversation and conclude
    the call
  • Techniques to create interest, handle objections, focus on client-specific business issues and benefits,
    present solutions and close sales

Target Audience

Consultative Skills is for both new and experienced salespeople who need to improve their approach and
interpersonal skills to conduct productive sales conversations in today’s highly competitive selling


As a result of participating in Consultative Skills, participants will be able to:

  •  Identify what their customers value and assess the extent to which customers’ current experiences meet
    their expectations.
  •  Define, communicate, and reinforce the critical few service standards that matter most to customers
  • Coach employees to provide consistently positive service, in both routine and service recovery situations.
  • Empower employees to own service issues and use their judgment in solving customers’ problems.
  • Create workplace environments that encourage commitment to service excellence.

Delivery Options

  • Classroom: 2 – day learning experience followed by on-the-job skill application and reinforcement.Classroom: 2-day learning experience followed by on-the-job skill application and reinforcement.
  • Modular Classroom : 16 hours, divided into half-day modules.
  • Virtual Classroom :- Four 2-hour virtual instructor-led sessions combined with 8 hours of inter-session
  • Custom Blended Options : Forum can create a specific solution to meet your needs, leveraging the
    appropriate virtual and outside-the-classroom learning methods. This may include the following: Virtual
    Orientation Sessions and Small-Group Webinars; Online Discussions; Action Learning and Reconnects;
    Leader/Coach Tool Kits; and Downloadable Tools and Resources.


Managing Service Excellence is to be delivered as part of a learning system that includes Achieving Service
ExcellenceTM (ASE). Participants should have first learned the ASE process and skills by doing one of the

  • Attending ASE
  • Attending a half-day Managers’ Overview of ASE

Managing Service Excellence can also be customised to reinforce your organisation’s own service processes,
skills, and tools.


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