Managing Consultative Skills

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Managing Consultative Skills

Business Challenge

In today’s competitive sales environment, salespeople must have the skills and attitudes to build long-term customer relationships and increase customer retention, acquisition, and growth. The sales manager plays a critical role in building and reinforcing these skills in his or her alespeople.

Managing Consultative Skills

The Managing Consultative Skills course improves the skills sales managers need to support and ensure continuous application of Consultative Skills learned by their salespeople.

Key Content

Managing Consultative Skills focuses on the following content:

  • The Consultative Selling Process and Skills, which includes the Three Driving Principles that high-performing sales managers use to ensure a successful selling process, a model of the sales process seen from the buyer’s point of view, and the key skills high performers use at each stage of the sales process
  • Providing Feedback on Consultative Skills
  • Coaching for Effective Sales Calls

Target Audience

Managing Consultative Skills is for managers of salespeople who attend Consultative Skills.


By participating in Managing Consultative Skills, sales managers will be able to:

  • Improve their effectiveness by enhancing sales management and coaching skills
  • Conduct effective motivational and evaluative feedback discussions with their salespeople
  • Improve the process and results of their work with salespeople before, during, and after sales calls
  • Communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships with their salespeople
  • Act more effectively as senior resources on key accounts

Delivery Options

  • Classroom: This experience is typically 1 day. In addition to the classroom materials, each manager receives a Tool Kit, which consists of four categories of coaching activities that are key to effective sales management: Modeling Sales Skills, Crafting Strategy, Leading Learning, and Motivating Salespeople.
  • Virtual Classroom: Two 2-hour virtual instructor-led sessions combined with 4 hours of inter-session work.
  • Custom Blended Options: Forum can create a specific solution to meet your needs, leveraging the appropriate virtual and outside-the-classroom learning methods. This may include the following: Virtual Orientation Sessions and Small-Group Webinars; Online Discussions; Action Learning and Reconnects; Leader/Coach Tool Kits; and Downloadable Tools and Resources.