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Leading an Effective Sales Force

Business Challenge

Companies today rely increasingly on their sales organisations as engines of growth and productivity. The sales management role has never been more difficult: markets are more complex, products are more sophisticated and results are more in demand. Spread thin and running fast, sales managers today work harder than ever before. At the same time, they are being asked to lead and manage sales teams more

Leading an Effective Sales Force

Leading an Effective Sales Force provides experienced sales managers with techniques and tools for getting better results from their salespeople, taking a more strategic approach to their job and increasing their team’s motivation and energy. The programme teaches leadership skills in a sales management context; participants spend more than 75 percent of their time in the session working on their real sales team challenges.

Key Content

Key content of Leading an Effective Sales Force includes:

  • Refining Your Leadership Approach:
    • Research on five Leadership Styles and their linkage to financial results
    • A Leadership Styles assessment and tactics guides, to help participants understand their ‘default’ style and identify ways to increase their use of other styles
  • Focusing Upstream:
    • The Whitewater Rafting Challenge: A high-energy, competitive sales management simulation
    • The Sales Capability Scorecard: A tool that helps managers plan more effectively and lead salespeople, customers, internal partners and territories more proactively
  • Building a High-Performance Climate:
    • Paper Golf: A game that demonstrates the power of negative and positive climates
    • A comprehensive, logical system for improving a sales team’s motivation and performance: strategies and tactics to improve personal climate, sales team climate and customer climate
    • Tools for enhancing climate, including the Optimist/Pessimist Matrix, templates for developmental conversations with salespeople and methods for defining a valuable buying experience for customers

Target Audience

Leading an Effective Sales Force is suited for experienced sales managers who need to take a more strategic approach to leading their entire sales team. Participants should already understand and practice fundamental sales management skills, such as providing feedback and engaging in one-on-one coaching. The programme is designed primarily for managers of outside salespeople. With minor modifications, it works equally well for managers of inside sales or telesales forces.


As a result of participating in Leading an Effective Sales Force, sales managers will be able to:

  • Get improved results from their salespeople by applying effective, balanced approaches to leadership
  • Build a more focused, accomplished and productive sales organisation by taking a strategic approach to their job
  • Increase their sales team’s motivation and energy by creating a high-performance work climate
  • Leading an Effective Sales Force is a 2-day classroom learning experience that can be combined with post-session reinforcement and support tools. It can also be combined with other Forum sales management and leadership content.