Develop Leadership Talent

We design and develop multi-pronged approaches to
help leaders develop strategy-specific skills.

Forum helps create the world’s best leaders:

  • Increase productivity
  • Align and unify
  • Manage change
  • Drive growth

We Equip People with the Skills to Do the Work of Leaders

Forum’s “Work of Leaders” model depicts what highly effective leaders at all levels do well. We address the work of leaders with learning content geared toward specific leadership levels that develops skill and differentiating leadership practices in each of these core areas:

  • Driving Direction and Alignment:
    Stay abreast of changes in the environment, set direction, and align teams rapidly.
  • Commitment & Capability:
    Engage employees, encourage ownership, and accelerate learning and development.
  • Execution and Performance:
    Achieve short-term expectations without sacrificing the long-term sustainability.
  • Personal Mastery:
    Know and manage oneself, communicate effectively with a wide range of stakeholders, and have personal resilience.

Our Learning Content

The Work of Leaders model is the framework for our leadership learning content. As a client, you will be able to draw upon our content library to develop the talent required to carry out your strategic goals.

Our content library is highly modularized to enable flexible customization based on your needs, and can be delivered in a variety of modalities, including classroom, virtual instructor-led training (vILT), and executive coaching. Based on over forty years of research and client experience, our learning content is constantly refreshed and updated to reflect today’s leadership issues. It was recently updated into a text light and greener format.

Our Solutions

The value of our learning solutions is primarily built on two things:

The way we work with you:

  • Speed:

    Our 40+ years’ experience enables us to rapidly assess your business challenges and implement the right learning solution.

  • Scale:

    Across 14 locations, worldwide, we find and staff best-in class facilitators and consultants. This provides you with skillful, seamless, and simultaneous deliveries.

  • Execution:

    Strong project teams will understand your goals and help you reach them.

  • High-integrity interactions:

    We challenge appropriately, and we follow through without exception.

  • Collaboration:

    We meet you where you are, rapidly assessing your business challenges and co-creating a tailored learning solution.

Strong focus on research and business insight When you engage with Forum, you can have confidence that your solution is backed by in-depth, global research, bringing you innovative and well-tested business ideas and practices. In fact, Forum invests 6 to 7% of revenues into research and product development annually, resulting in intellectual property and learning methodologies of unsurpassed quality, freshness, reliability, and impact.

What We Do

We design and develop multi-pronged approaches to help leaders develop strategy-specific skills.

Develop and retain a pipeline of leaders at all levels (top – middle – first line)

Execute on a strategically-aligned leadership development plan for growth

Drive change programs

Increase collaboration by working across boundaries

Accelerating Strategic Initiatives

This program helps leaders execute projects and initiatives of all types more rapidly and reliably using the three levers of clarity, unity and agility.

Leading Change

Leading Change helps leaders respond adaptively to ongoing change and accelerate the results of change initiatives in their organisations.

Leading Across Boundaries

Leading Across Boundaries helps participants lead more effectively-up, down, across, and outside their organisation.

Leading Innovation

Leading Innovations advances participants’ ability to foster innovations in any function or unit of an organisation in order to improve business performance.

Leading with Influence

Leading with influence enables leaders to apply the tools and practices that will allow them to more effectively achieve their objectives.

Targeting Your Time

Targeting your time teaches managers, team leaders, employees critical skills to manage their time to achieve critical goals and objective.

The Coaching Clinic

The Coaching Clinic teaches managers to make international investments in their talent portfolios through focused coaching & development activities.

Leadership Essentials

First line leaders and arguably most important group of leaders in any organisation. They are the main drivers of results.

Leading Complex Decisions

Leading Complex Decisions teaches leaders a process, strategies & tools for improving the quality and speed of making complex decisions.

Leading Through Transitions

Leading through transitions is based three transition accelerators that help overcome common transition decelerators, speed transitions and ensure success.

Skillfull Conversations

Skillfull Conversations helps leaders to communicate authentically, with accuracy and full intent and to get most from every conversation.

Teams and Beyond

Competent teams improve productivity, reduce cycle time and generate innovative solutions.