Right Size The Right Way – Set them off a path to a stronger self and career

  • 10th September, 2020
  • 2 PM – 3:30 PM

Why you should help?

The pain experienced by a terminated employee is equivalent to pain experienced upon death of a close relative!

  • It is extremely difficult for a lonely and terminated employee to bounce back to positivity on his/her own.
  • A ‘hurt’ employee will find it extremely challenging to forget/forgive the bitterness of the experience and may indulge in tarnishing your brand (your company or people).
  • Also, a thought: Does termination of employees also have an impact on the existing teams?

Outplacement Handled Effectively – For those Leaving the Organisation.

  • Manage their emotions
  • Identify their strengths, values and ideal career options
  • Set an empowering goal
  • Take massive actions

Coaching creates new possibilities, energy, positivity and excitement. Coaching is the fastest way to getting the employee to bounce back and own/shape his/her future life.

90 Day Sprint

  • The Coach is present at the time of disclosure
  • 90 day intensive Coaching Process Starts
  • Coach helps in the process of building Emotional Resilience
  • Discovery of Self through the process of IKIGAI
  • Communication Strategy (Resume+ LinkedIn+ Networking)
  • Job leads support (Resume sent 1000+ consultants)
  • Preparation for interviews with Mock Interview drills
  • Career Advancement Strategy and Actions

Our Coaches

Sumit Seth

Sumit is a sales and leadership trainer, brain based coach and a counsellor.

Having developed over 40,000 people in his career as a trainer and coach, he has also worked with people in critical illnesses. Fourm’s outplacement coaching is one of his brainchild which emerged as many of his client’s and trainees’ approach in seeking help to bounce back in their careers and lives.

Sumit is also the Managing Director of Forum in India.

Harish Walavalkar

Over 27 years experience, Harish has worked in reputed MNC’s after which he decided to follow his passion for coaching.

For the last 10 years he has been helping people get their careers on track after having lost their jobs.

Forum’s Outplacement Coaching is also Harish’s brainchild which emerged from his decade long experience. Trained in Neuroscience – study of the Human Brain, how it controls our behavior and thereby Results.