Dynamic Selling

Dynamic Selling: Advanced Relationship Management Skills That Deliver Results

Business Challenge

Customers expect clear, consistent value from the suppliers they choose to work with. They expect mutually beneficial business relationships based on trust and long-term interdependence. Building increased customer loyalty and achieving greater account penetration requires that salespeople be able to provide competitively distinct value to their customers and manage their accounts strategically in complex sales

Dynamic Selling: Advanced Relationship Management Skills That Deliver Results

Dynamic Selling provides experienced salespeople and sales teams with tools to develop effective account management strategies and plans based on what their customers value in the business relationship. The programme helps salespeople think strategically, advance customer relationships, use information more effectively, and work with cross-functional resources.

Key Content

  • Four research-based Selling Disciplines form the underlying framework for the session. These disciplines help salespeople anticipate ways to create distinct value; build trust and commitment; deliver focused, usable information and insight; and cost-effectively utilise appropriate resources to create differentiated solutions and expand business.
  • The session introduces practical concepts and tools that aid salespeople in strategic account planning, creating value-added solutions for clients, setting relationship goals, and expanding existing account opportunities.
  • Participants spend more than 80 percent of their time in the session practicing and applying the concepts to their actual accounts and customers. This real-work focus accelerates the transfer of learning to the job.
  • Takeaways include a Tactics Guide and Tool Kit, and a completed account planning worksheet to help salespeople focus strategically on customers’ business issues in a target account. Additional post- session business development projects and manager support tools are also available.

Target Audience

Dynamic Selling is ideally suited for experienced salespeople and sales teams working in complex sales environments where differentiation lies in selling value beyond product and price. Participants should understand and practice fundamental consultative selling. Non-salespeople who attend should have specific technical knowledge or skills that contribute directly to the sales process. The programme is not appropriate for salespeople who deal primarily with transactional sales.


By participating in the Dynamic Selling programme, salespeople and their teams will be able to:

  • Create targeted account plans and strategies for working with customers based on what customers value most in business relationships
  • Make it harder for customers to switch to other providers by increasing levels of trust, connection, and commitment in business relationships
  • Use information and insight as strategic levers to increase sales and differentiate the selling organisation from competitors
  • Orchestrate and lead account resources to address customer needs and showcase the seller’s capabilities
  • Increase critical sales measures (revenue, speed of customer acquisition, customer retention, cross-sells) in major accounts

Delivery Options

  • Classroom: 2-days, combined with post-session business development projects and manager support tools.
  • Virtual Classroom: Four 2-hour virtual instructor-led sessions combined with 8 hours of inter-session work.