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Accelerating Strategic Initiatives

Business Challenge

It’s a fact:  Success in business goes to the swift.  It’s about who can create the most value smarter and
faster than the competition.  Yet 50 to 70 percent of strategic initiatives fail to implement successfully and on
time—even with streamlined processes in place, detailed graphs to chart the course, and plenty of resources
on hand to get the job done.  What gets in the way?  And how can you ensure that the initiatives and projects
in your organisation or business unit are in the successful 30 percent?

As we explain in our book Strategic Speed: Mobilize People, Accelerate Execution (Harvard Business
Press), an exclusive focus on pace and process often leads to only superficial speed: lots of activity but little
forward motion. To achieve strategic speed, leaders need to make people the key ingredient in their success
formula. Specifically, they need to aim for increases in three factors: clarity, unity, and agility.

Accelerating Strategic Initiatives

This programme helps leaders execute projects and initiatives of all types more rapidly and reliably, using the
three levers of clarity, unity, and agility. Participants learn how to assess their own ability to drive speed,
recognise the primary speed traps to avoid, and understand the seven specific leadership actions that
accelerate execution of initiatives.

Key Content

Accelerating Strategic Initiatives contains three modules:

  • Increase Clarity : Define Your Strategic Initiative features tools that help participants craft a relevant,
    compelling message about an initiative that communicates its purpose, importance, and value.
  • Foster Unity : Engage People introduces fast, effective ways for leaders to get the message across and
    involve people in shaping the execution plan.
  • Promote Agility : Anticipate Challenges provides specific techniques and tools for assessing progress,
    anticipating obstacles, and correcting course as necessary.

Throughout this working session, participants diagnose and plan ways to accelerate an actual initiative or
project that they’re leading or about to lead. They share advice with peers and explore best-practice
examples from multiple industries. They leave the session with a complete, enhanced action plan for
accelerating execution of their strategic initiative.

Target Audience

The audience for Accelerating Strategic Initiatives is mid-level to upper-level managers or senior
professionals who lead strategic initiatives or complex projects. The programme can also be adapted for
more junior managers or for any employees who lead project teams. The programme is not suitable for
senior executives.


By participating in Accelerating Strategic Initiatives, leaders will be able to:

  • Assess their own ability to drive speed
  • Avoid the major barriers to speedy execution
  • Increase the three people factors of clarity, unity, and agility in their initiatives
  • Apply the seven specific leadership actions that accelerate execution

Delivery Options

  • Classroom: 1 day.
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