Raju Madhavan

Consultant(28 years)


Raju is a certified Coach, facilitator and developer of leadership competencies.
His vision is to engage with organizations to build a Learning culture which will
help employees identify their potential through insightful trainings & facilitated
This he achieves by being a Trusted advisor to his learning partners and helps in
• Designing curriculum programs using varied effective methodologies
• Delivering these to programs to a wide range of experienced audience
• Deliver home grown content of clients


Raju has an overall experience of about 28 years ( 18 years were with a Leading
Technology company in India & 7 Years as an Independent Learning Consultant).
In the IT world, Raju had significant opportunities to play varied Techno-Domain
roles. From being a Core IT person for 12 years I chose to move to a completely
different area – that of Learning & Development, where he worked for 7 Years.
For the past 7+ years Raju works as a freelance Leadership facilitator specializing
in Experiential Learning, Leadership Curriculum facilitation, Outbound trainings &
Psychometric tools.

  • Hydrabad